Midland Services, Inc

An Energy Cooperative

Payment Solutions


With high energy prices affecting gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, and propane gas, Midland Services is working for greater "Payment Solutions" to help members. Some of the solutions we are promoting include:

  1. Becoming a member of Midland Services. We have averaged over 5% patronage refunds the last several years - that amounts to over 15 cents on a gallon of gasoline, over 10 cents on a gallon of propane gas!
  2. Midland Services and Bayfield Electric Cooperatives offer a "Coop Power Plus" credit card that gives you a discount on your propane gas, bulk fuel delivery, or your electric bill. You can save close to 3% by using this card!
  3. Midland Services will promote our Prebuy and Budget Pay prorpane contracts this summer. We are offering new payment solutions such as ACH or direct bank payment. We will offer a financial incentive on top of our contracted prices that will save our members more money in heating fuel.
  4. Midland Services also offers a "Cenex Credit Card" that saves you 3 cents/gallon on gasoline at any of our four stations. We will also be adding promotions to card holders that will increase your savings!

Call our office at (715) 682-5528 and ask for more ideas on how to save on your energy cost, to be introduced this summer.